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The span of my salvation is now approaching 40 years. In that time the world has changed in such an accelerated way, you can’t afford to just trot your way through life , you have to gallop to keep up with it. Christians are rapidly becoming endangered species! Looking back over the years of my salvation, the greatest answer for civilization is God’s extravagant grace. With all the technology, science and legislation, the world is no closer to finding any real answers to the situations of life. We are more broken and enslaved than any other generation.

The need of humanity in this new year is still the same as it was in the beginning, God’s extravagant grace.
The book “God’s forever family” highlighting the Jesus people movement, is definitely the testimony of God’s extravagant grace. God bringing revival to people who were barely touching the earth because they were so high on drugs, is nothing less than majestic. It’s God’s extravagant grace that has brought us to the threshold of the greatest revival the world has ever seen.

To reach this generation, the church is going to have to venture into the extravagant grace God has for all humanity. That God would breathe upon all the seeds that have been sown in the last 50 years. That the grace of God would bring a supernatural quickening to the harvest field for the last day harvest. It’s by God’s extravagant grace that we have made it this far, and it will be by his extravagant grace that he will finish the work. When you ask God for his grace, you ask God for everything.

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