Pastor’s Blog


Many times believers lose perspective because of all the distractions of life. We live in a fast-paced , multitasking society that slows down for no one. In fact people born into this world , hit the ground running! Life doesn’t get easier the more you live it, it usually gets more demanding and complicated!

The days of simplicity are over! Around 4,000 new words every year are added to the English language! There were over 615,000 new patten applications granted just for the year 2014. The Federal Regulatory State issues 10,000 new regulations per year! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Its very easy to get buried in all the progress , details and the demands of life.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, the Christian has to keep perspective while meeting their own responsibilities.

Did you ever consider the destiny we have in Christ? Did you ever consider what it would be like to bear the image of the heavenly, to have immortality, to walk and talk with the Almighty? Did you ever consider that we are destined to exist in a world with no pain , tears or suffering? Where we will feel good all the time! Did you ever consider the family we have been grafted into? The cloud of witnesses, the people we will meet on the other side? Its all true and it will all be a reality one day.

The pioneers of faith had a vision to live by. They were looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. They were heavenly minded!

Serving God can’t be by sheer “will power” or “doctrine” alone, there has got to be a vision. And that vision has to be focused upon something beyond this present life. It should be focused on God’s destiny for the believer , and the eternal home He has prepared for us.

Our Father Is a King, he has a kingdom, and very soon he will return to give us all a ride home. We are destined to live with God forever. In the midst of all our busyness day after day, let’s make the time to be focused on our destiny in God. It will make our temporary state of affairs down here, much easier.

Pastor Paul Campo