Larry Barros

Larry Barros memorial service

The family has set up a memorial fund for their two children at a local bank. Those wishing to contribute may send a check made out to “For the Benefit of the Barros Children” to Bank of Cape Cod, 1582 Route 132, Hyannis, MA 02601. Check or cash donations also may be dropped off at any of the bank’s branches.

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to ask that the Memorial Service for Larry, (which was extremely moving and comforting) may be posted on this website for all who could not make it yesterday. Larry, through God, has already made a huge difference in people’s lives and I’m sure there are so many more who will get to know God through Larry’s words from the sermon played at his 11/22 Memorial Service. I only met Larry a year ago, but as I am hearing was his way, I felt as if I had always known him. One of the things I did enjoy about Larry was listening to him talk about his family and how much he loved them. Interestingly as I heard him speak about in his sermon, and sadly, I was “in a hurry and stressed” about getting back onto the phones when Larry sat down to chat with me (as he often did with many at the local offices he visited for his work) that I told him I “was worried about being timed” and would “catch up with him later”. We did get to chat a little bit more (thankfully), but not as much as we would have had I just “slowed down” and had “been still”. I never did get to catch up with him later on Monday afternoon and will regret that my lost conversation with him was rushed and filled with anxiety on my part. Another tough lesson learned that will stick with me forever. God bless Monica, their two little boys and their extended families, friends and co-workers. Larry already has been and will continue to be greatly missed by his DTA family. – Vanessa

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