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Childrens Church

Childrens’ church is a format aimed at having church at a kid’s level.  Song service, led by  Lawrence Barros, emphasizes fun and active songs, with older children acting as musicians for the younger children.  Sunday school themes are re-enforced here with preaching and activities appropriate to the two different age levels. There is always a visual demonstration or object lesson to illustrate the main idea and make it memorable to young people.  One of the men preaches a short sermon, and an altar call is given so kids can learn  their need for God’s  fixing.

First Christmas

First Christmas

There are two age levels in childrens’ church, the 5 – 8 year old group and the 9 – 12 years old group.

Teddy and Heidi Henning,  join Lawrence and Monica Barros as leaders for the two age groups in children’s church.  The Barros’ are also mentoring the Young Servant’s program, in which teens begin to step into ministry positions both in Children’s Church and other areas of the church.